WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital continues to require masking while in our facilities. 

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What's New At WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital

WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital is committed to sharing in our journey with our community and members of the press. 

We are available to discuss breaking medical news and other hot topics but also have physicians and staff ready and available to talk about industry trends, specific health-related topics like disease and treatments as well as human interest stories. We are also available for immediate media inquires for patient status and other spot-news details.

Our team will do all we can to oblige media requests while being mindful of our responsibilities to patient confidentiality and the law to provide accurate and timely information.

We want to engage our community and recognize the importance of doing so through interaction with the press. 


Uniontown Internal News

Dr. Rafka Chaiban

Spring seasonal allergies in children


Dr. Rafka Chaiban discusses Spring seasonal allergies in Children.

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WVU Medicine is eligible donors to find a nearby blood drive.

Need for blood donors at all time high


The need for blood donors reaches an all-time high and WVU Medicine urges eligible donors to find a nearby drive.

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WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital and CEO Dr. David Hess announce return of obstetrical services for Fayette County and surrounding areas.

WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital to restart obstetrical services


WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital in conjunction with WVU Medicine Children's will again offer obstetrical services in Fayette County.

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Masks still required in all WVU Medicine facilities


WVU Medicine will continue to require masks be worn inside all WVU Medicine facilities.

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WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital CEO Dr. David Hess administering a COVID-19 vaccination at the Uniontown clinic

Uniontown Hospital CEO urges all residents to get vaccine


WVU Medicine Uniontown Hospital CEO Dr. David Hess urges Fayette County residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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