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COVID-19 Alert

Inpatient Visitation Restrictions

March 18, 2020

Due to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, Uniontown Hospital is announcing the following visitation restrictions.

For the safety of our patients, healthcare providers and our community-at-large, no in-person visitation will be permitted effective Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 8 a.m.

An exception will be made for end-of-life situations in which one visitor will be permitted, once screening approval is completed.

A visitor that meets this exception will be stopped at the hospital entrance, be screened for symptoms, be provided with a mask and an identification badge by Uniontown Hospital Police, and then be directed to the designated area of the hospital. 

Uniontown Hospital respectfully asks for your full cooperation during this challenging time. The COVID-19 pandemic is best handled through limiting exposure for everyone and preventing transmission of the disease and the safety of our patients, staff and community is our priority. We recognize the significance of this step and the challenges and hardships it will present; however, we feel it is necessary to ensure the best possible health for our patients and our employees. We also encourage the families and patients that may be impacted by these restrictions to please maintain contact in other ways, including by video, phone and email when possible to aid in the recovery process. 

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we continue to provide care for friends, neighbors and family during this unprecedented time. 


Please note that this is the first of several restrictions and flow changes that will be implemented in the coming days. More details to come.