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COVID-19 Resources

Stay informed on the important information related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Facility Updates

  4/7/20 - Screening Procedures for Building Entrance:
Uniontown Hospital announces additional screening protocols for entrance into the hospital and ODC. 
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  4/7/20 - Coronavirus ushers in new frontier of medicine:
Learn how COVID-19 has brought telemedicine to the forefront for our local medical community. 
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  3/30/20 - Uniontown Hospital announces consolidation of Uniontown Primary Care offices.

  3/25/20 - Uniontown Hospital talks about COVID-19 on WMBS' What's On Your Mind.
Uniontown Hospital Director of Community Relations Joshua Krysak and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Surabhi Gaur provide an update on the COVID-19 pandemic and how the hospital is making a difference for area residents. 
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  3/20/20 – ODC Hour Changes
Uniontown Hospital announces changes to the operating hours for diagnostic services available at the hospital and the Outpatient Diagnostic Center.
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  3/20/20 – Emergency Department Triage Trailer
Uniontown Hospital Emergency Services personnel will utilize trailer to triage patients seeking emergent care.
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  3/18/2010 - Visitation Policy Update
Uniontown Hospital announces changes to hospital visitation policy.
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  3/18/20 – Off-campus Testing Site
Uniontown Hospital establishes an off-campus, drive through testing site for patients needing to be tested for COVID-19.
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3/18/20 – Surgical Procedures
Uniontown Hospital Surgical Services Department announces suspension of all elective surgical procedures.
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Community Resources

  Dr. Jeffrey James provides insight on COVID-19
Uniontown Hospital Medical Director of Infection Control and Prevention Dr. Jeffrey James provides insights into COVID-19 on South Union TV special. 
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  Ask for Help:
Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

  Helping Homebound Children:
How can we help children navigate through this uncertain time.

Know the difference between a COVID-19 case, contact and contact of a contact.

  COVID-19 and playdates:
Social Distancing is just as important for children as adults.

  When-to-call 911
First responders are ready to help in emergency situations, but which medical events should prompt a call to 911?

  Social Distancing Do's and Dont's
When it comes to social distancing, what can you do and what should you avoid?
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  Coronovirus – Know When to Seek Treatment
If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, know when to seek treatment.

  Coronavirus Prevention Steps
What can you do to avoid getting sick?
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  Know the Terms
Know the key terms associated with COVID-19.
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  COVID-19 or Something Else
Are your symptoms a sign of coronavirus or something else?
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