Financial Care Services

Financial Assistance

At Uniontown Hospital, all patients are treated equitably with dignity, respect and compassion. 

Patients will never be turned away with an emergent medical need. In return, patients are expected to take financial responsibility for the services they receive. If you may have difficulty paying, we are here to help you resolve your obligation. 

We will actively assist all patients in seeking resolution to their financial obligations at Uniontown Hospital.

If you need help with financial assistance, the hospital has an extensive discount policy, as well as a generous charity care program to assist patients who are in financial need.

Click here for full details regarding the hospital's Financial Assistance Policy

Patients with or without insurance are eligible to apply for the Uniontown Hospital Community Charity Care program (UHC3).

Free or discounted care will be applied according to a sliding scale based on federal poverty household income guidelines.

To be eligible for this program, an application must be completed, proof of annual income and dependent information must be provided and you may be required to apply for Medical Assistance.

Download the Application

Uniontown Hospital has established the EZPay Program for patients with or without insurance who may need help in paying their balances over an extended period of time.

An application must be completed and the terms may not exceed 36 months. The program is interest free.

Please contact a Financial Care Consultant to complete at 724-430-1833.

Download the Application

Patients without insurance using Uniontown Hospital are able to participate in additional discounting programs. If you make financial arrangements prior to your service, you may be eligible to receive our Fixed Fee Pricing and Advanced Payment Discount programs. A patient may request a price quote on certain services for scheduled procedures for the Fixed Fee Pricing Program.

The quote is valid for a specified period and a down payment must be paid. Self-pay patients who have obtained a Fixed Fee Price Quote will be eligible for an additional 25 percent Advance Payment Discount if the procedure is paid in full prior to the service being rendered.

Would You Like Help in Applying for Medical Assistance?
Our Financial Care Consultants will gladly assist you in applying for coverage. Please contact them at 724-430-1833.

Health care billing is complex and can be confusing. We are here to help. We have made a commitment to our patients and community to provide you with assistance in navigating through any difficulties you may encounter.
Please come to the Financial Care Services Department for assistance if you would like more information regarding the Financial Assistance Policies of Uniontown Hospital or call 724-430-1833.

  • If you need translation to help you interpret our policies, please contact us.
  • We offer free and discounted financial assistance.
  • Financial Assistance patients will never be charged any more than the average billed charge for emergency or other medically necessary care.
  • Request a copy of the financial assistance policy, or, download this section of our website. 
  • Request additional information in the mail.

Are You Interested? Do You Have Questions? Would You Like Help?

A Financial Care Consultant is waiting to help you.

If you are interested in any of these programs, have questions regarding the information that has been provided, or would like help in deciding how you can determine what is available to you to aid with your patient financial responsibilities, please contact us:

Uniontown Hospital
Financial Care Services Department
Located on the main floor of the hospital
(To the left of the Garden Cafe)

Hours: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday
(Other Hours by Appointment)


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