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Uniontown Hospital is committed to sharing in our journey with our community and members of the press. 

We are available to discuss breaking medical news and other hot topics but also have physicians and staff ready and available to talk about industry trends, specific health-related topics like disease and treatments as well as human interest stories. We are also available for immediate media inquires for patient status and other spot-news details.

Our team will do all we can to oblige media requests while being mindful of our responsibilities to patient confidentiality and the law to provide accurate and timely information.

We want to engage our community and recognize the importance of doing so through interaction with the press. 


Uniontown Internal News

Dr. Florencio Cardenas

Longtime Uniontown urologist retires after 40 years


Longtime Uniontown Hospital Urologist Dr. Florencio Cardenas retired in December after more than 40 years at the hospital.

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Dr. John Pensock, right, performs a heart catheterization at the Uniontown Hospital Cath Lab.

Heart disease symptoms and prevention tips


Uniontown Hospital cardiologist Dr. John Pensock talks about heart disease symptoms and tips to promote good heart health.

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Josh Krysak, Manager of Community Relations at Uniontown Hospital

Hospital promotes community health through multiple programs


Uniontown Hospital promotes health for the community through multiple programs.

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Uniontown Hospital Nutritionist Brittney Zack

Nutritionists recommend staying away from BMI in weight loss journey


Uniontown Hospital nutritionist recommends staying away from BMI during weight loss efforts.

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Construction crews work to overhaul the main entrance at Uniontown Hospital recently. The renovation is part of a campus-wide improvement plan.

Main entrance reopens kicking off campus improvement plans


The main entrance of Uniontown Hospital will reopen Tuesday after several months of renovation, marking the start of campus-wide improvements.

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Marcia Shepard, RN, 1 West, is the 2016 Cameos of Caring Award winner from Uniontown Hospital.

Hospital announces Cameos of Caring Award recipient


Uniontown Hospital is proud to announce that Marcia Shepard, RN, 1 West, received the organization's 2016 Cameos of Caring Award.

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Hospital renovations continue; temporary entrance closure announced


Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 2, the main entrance to Uniontown Hospital will be closed for renovation.

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Hospital again offers drug disposal service


Uniontown Hospital will participate in Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, Oct. 22.

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Hospital announces new 3D mammography


Uniontown Hospital will begin providing the most up-to-date 3D digital mammography in the region in October.

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Thank you Dr. Cardenas the Healthy Difference you made here at Uniontown Hospital! We hope you enjoy your retirement!
Longtime Uniontown urologist retires after 40 years… via @utwnhospital
Heart disease symptoms, prevention tips addressed… via @hsuniontown
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